Drum Line Coming to SCVi

We are excited to announce that a drum line will be starting at SCVi. This will be an after school program for elementary, middle and high school learners. Below is a copy of the introduction letter from percussion instructor Matt Fullove. Please contact Matt if you are interested in joining!

Thank you for expressing interest in SCVi’s Drum line program! We are excited to bring this new program to the school and students. Drum line is a fun and exciting activity that helps to build teamwork, discipline, coordination and musicality. During the start of this program we will be teaching students the fundamentals of how to read music and play marching percussion. This will then extend to performing marching cadences and marching literature to be shared with the school and community.

A tentative program schedule plans for two, one-hour after-school classes per week. This may change due to the number of learners signed up in each grade level. Classes are scheduled to meet regularly through the first week of December.

There will be a $120 per student program fee required at the start of the first class. All checks should be made payable to “SCVi.” Any questions can be directed to percussion instructor Matt Fullove.

We look forward to a wonderful beginning to this exciting new program!

Matt Fullove
(661) 210-5589