Music is not just notes on a page, and choir is not just about performing. As iLead Santa Clarita’s arts program grows, so will our beautiful music program. The campus is already littered with pianos and students are regularly found playing soft melodies throughout the day. Design Tech programs have been offered to help our budding musicians fine their place in our musical and artistic world. One of these is choir.

Choir offers something for everyone. For some it continues their music education, clarifying their parts and passion for the notes. For others it’s an introduction into reading music and being apart of a team. For most it is an outlet for creativity and friendship.

Choir will be a mix between choir and dance. Learners do not have to have previous experience in order to join! Every class will start out with body and vocal warm ups. Learners will walk away with a basic knowledge of how to read music and build upon their abilities throughout the semester.

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