SCVi Learner Artwork on Display Locally

SCVi Art

We love seeing our learners work on display! Currently, several SCVi 10th-grade learners have their creations on display for the public at Valencia Heritage Park (click here to open Google Maps), as part of the recent Santa Clarita Arts Run. The exhibition “Branches of Art” is expected to be on display for one more week. 

Collage 1 (inspired by “Girl Before a Mirror” by Pablo Picasso), by Nicolas D’Alessandro, Jon Fisher, Darion Marsh, and Elle Whitney

Collage 2 (inspired by “Weeping woman” by Pablo Picasso), by David Harris, Cameron Joseph, and Christina Rodrigues

Also on display upper school arts facilitator Yoonhee Aprahamian’s artwork (inspired by “Portrait of a Lady” by Rogier Van Der Weyden).