Music 1

Music I is an introductory level music course, which exposes learners to music from different time periods, cultures, and genres. As students build their vocabulary with musical terminology and music theory knowledge, they also shape their awareness of the impact that society has on music, and that music has on society. As a result, learners will develop respect and appreciation for music as an art form, and the ability to communicate intelligently about their own aesthetic values of music. There is no prerequisite to this class. Students from all musical backgrounds and skill levels are welcome. All five-strand components of the California Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards are represented and aligned to course objectives and assignments.

Throughout the duration of this year-long class, learners will examine the basic building blocks of music to discover how they work together to form the structure inside of a piece of music. Learners will develop a musical vocabulary, and be able to compare and contrast music from across different time periods, genres, and cultures. The expected outcomes of this class are for learners to understand the effects of cultural and historical events on musical genres, be able to speak intelligently about music using musical terminology, communicate defining characteristics specific to each musical genre, critique musical performances, and analyze the form, instrumentation, and compositional techniques of various pieces of music.