We have done years of research into the way cutting-edge companies have set up their office spaces, as well as studying what skill sets they expect of their employees. Our environments are a reflection of that research. We are preparing our kids for their future, not our past. We believe that kids in quiet rows of desks are a reflection of years past. We have intentionally designed classrooms and created a culture where learners can easily talk, share, and collaborate, rather than working in isolation as the norm. This is just like the companies they will eventually work in or build for themselves as entrepreneurs.

Learners react to this unique environment in many different ways. Most find it refreshing to finally be able to move around as needed, which results in enhanced concentration and engagement. Others find they prefer less stimuli in order to perform quiet work. Our facilitators do an excellent job of understanding which learners need a quieter work environment and when. They facilitate student choice and make the arrangements necessary to use the classroom spaces designed for quiet work when needed. More often than not, the active environment is necessary for the collaboration in a project-based setting.

For more information about a PBL-designed classroom, please see the book list below.

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