When you tour the school, ask the learners “do you have homework?”.  Typically the answer is “no!”. Then ask, “Do you do work at home?”  Typically that answer is “Of course!”.

We don’t give much homework in the form that the learners get at other schools, like packets.   Our “homework” is an extension of the projects they are working on in class.   It might look like research, or putting together a model, or refining an essay.  As the learners get older, there is more to be done after school hours, as is appropriate for their grade level.

However, we will always value carving out time for kids to spend time with their family, exercise, and generally have some down time after their school day is done.  That is just a natural part of developing the whole child and just makes sense, right?  Research supports our view, and there are resources listed below if you would like to read more.

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