Looking for a Charter School in Santa Clarita? 4 Reasons to Choose SCVi

Charter School Santa Clarita

If you’re looking for a charter school in Santa Clarita for your child’s education, SCVi is giving parents four reasons to choose the SCVi/iLEAD curriculum and culture. 

The public TK-12 charter school in Santa Clarita is tuition free and provides a unique learning environment for students, with parents often choosing SCVi for four main reasons: 

  • Because you’re looking for something different;
  • Because you value a small school community that offers personalized learning;
  • Because you want your children to be creative problem-solvers who pursue their passions; and
  • Because you want them to be intellectual entrepreneurs and be successful, happy global citizens. 

The social, emotional and cognitive development of the “whole child” is something SCVi places an added focus on, in addition to utilizing project-based learning (PBL) in their approach, according to officials. 

“Our revolutionary model embeds social-emotional learning (SEL) concepts into everything we teach, helping our students learn the valuable collaboration, teamwork and problem-solving skills our global economy will demand from them,” officials said. 

The charter school in Santa Clarita’s focus on PBL and SEL is designed to help develop confidence, leadership and self-reflection among its learners. 

“We’re a different kind of school, and we’re proud of the rigorous, challenging and authentic educational program we’ve intentionally created here,” officials said, adding that learners are actively engaged in an environment centered around students and “brimming with creative expression.”

The environment of the school can be compared to tech incubator and innovator campuses, such as Google, Facebook, Zappos and Pixar, with facilitators striving to embrace the “Maker Movement” as actively as possible. 

“We are deeply entrenched in the Maker Movement, a philosophy borne of the tech industry that focuses on building, doing and creating over mere consumption,” officials said. “We stress that taking action — essentially, being a maker — enhances our kids’ learning experiences by drawing upon their problem-solving skills and imagination and transforming them from passive users to active creators.”

Additionally, learners at SCVi/iLEAD are empowered to “become conscientious, compassionate and responsible citizens of the world.” As a result, learners “tackle deeply engaging projects about real-world issues that require critical thought, sustained inquiry and synthesis which culminate in regular presentations of learning.”

To find out more about what SCVi Charter School in Santa Clarita offers its learners, click here.  

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