The Paseo Club: Paseo Members Doing Incredible Things

SCVi Distance Learning Spanish Class

“As we continue to navigate these trying times, Paseo Club is trying our best to stay connected with our wonderful members.  We want everyone to know how excited we are to reopen our doors, and how we are already working on the very best practices to use to keep us as safe as possible as we get back to our home away from home.

“While we are planning ahead, there are members of our club who are doing incredible things in our community.  Most of us are tasked with the job of keeping our community safe by staying HOME.  Kudos to all the members and staff who are staying home and staying safe.  Early reports seem to show that we are getting it done, so let’s keep fighting the fight to get back to the fun as soon as possible!

“For these other members however, just fighting the fight hasn’t been enough.  We want to take a moment to recognize a handful of Paseo peeps, to show just how special a community we have at our club and in our community.  Please write in with more nominations of greatness – send your recognition of others to jen@thepaseoclub.com.  Our members should be recognized for their contributions during this time.  We thank you all.  In our own version of “Some Good News,” here are three members who are worthy of some extra applause this week.

  1. Erika Cedeno:  For those of you who join in spin and treadmill classes on weeknights, you may recognize Erika as one of the kindest people we are lucky enough to know….

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