Tuition-Free Charter School Describes ‘Stronger Together’ Guidelines For Reopening

Tuition Free Charter School

Giving your child the best education possible is one of the most important things a parent can do to help their children succeed in the adult world. Tuition-free SCVi/iLEAD charter schools have filled a growing need in Santa Clarita by giving students an education that not only empowers them to reach their potential as a learner, but as a person as well.

Schools across the country have been making changes and are preparing for a Fall semester that helps keep all students safe, healthy, and educated to the same standards as the students before them. Tuition-free SCVi/iLEAD charter schools are fully committed to providing their top-notch education while following all CDC and LA County Health Officials guidelines to ensure the health and safety of the both the learners and facilitators on their campuses. 

Closely following these guidelines, and adapting with them as they change over time, means that some of the traditional, face-to-face learning environments students are accustomed to will be different.

The California Department of Education (CDE) has released their first set of guidelines for the Fall, naming the full set “Stronger Together.” The “Stronger Together” guidelines are suggestions more than they are mandatory requirements, and as a result schools will have the flexibility to adapt the guidelines in a way that best serves their students.

As tuition-free charter schools, SCVi/iLEAD have been hard at work studying and adapting the guidelines to their student body, and are more than prepared to continue to provide an education you can only get at their schools. 

Already having many well-designed online and distance learning programs, SCVi/iLEAD tuition-free charter schools found themselves ahead of the game when schooling first made the transition to entirely online and distance learning methods. SCVi/iLEAD continues to hold that lead, and have done nothing but improve and refine their online programs for the upcoming Fall semester.

No matter the changes that come their way, SCVi/iLEAD tuition-free charter schools remain dedicated to giving their learners an education that fulfills their motto: “Free to think, inspired to lead.”

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