IB News

Welcome back to the new school year. I am so excited about the year ahead. Our senior IB diploma learners have been working independently on their Extended Essays and have been formulating hypotheses while conducting individual research. It’s a challenging process and one that puts them in such good stead for their future careers and life paths. I am also excited about the number of junior learners we have taking the full diploma. It’s wonderful to see SCVI learners challenge themselves with the level of academic breadth and rigor that the IB Diploma Program offers.

Our IB science program has expanded. We are now able to offer learners a choice of Physics or Biology and both courses have been popular with our Juniors. Tamara Trost (“Ms T”) is a new addition to the IB team. She will be leading the IB Physics learners through the course, and Ingrid Moon will now facilitate Biology. The math and English IB courses have changed this year, so the juniors will be following a different course to the seniors. Michael Dub and I have been trained in the new courses and I have been involved in planning conversations with the IB chief examining team. We are fully prepared for a successful IB year.

There will be opportunities for all parents to be involved in our IB parent committee. I will be sending out information in the next few weeks about our next meeting date. All SCVI parents are invited to this meeting, regardless of where your learners are in their educational journey. I am always delighted to hear from parents and learners with any questions that you have about the program. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Abbie Neall
IB Diploma Coordinator