IB News

This week, I and Kris Nilsen, the upper school counselor, met with the 8th-grade learners to tell them about the IB program at SCVi. We were both impressed with the questions they asked us and with the interest that they showed in our IB Diploma. We know that for many 8th graders and families this is a difficult time, when you are making decisions about the next four years of education. Please do feel free to ask me or Kris for any information about the IB.

For our IB seniors, it is time to complete and submit the non-exam elements of the IB courses. IB essays, orals and presentations should be in their final stages ready for submission to the examiners across the world. Once this has all been completed, learners will be focused on reviewing material for the examined components. It is a busy time, and it can be incredibly stressful. Our facilitators are all here to support learners and parents with all aspects of the final semester.

Have a great week.

Abbie Neall
IB Diploma Coordinator