At SCVi’s Lower School, we focus on the whole child through creative, consistent application of project-based and social-emotional learning principles. Project-based learning is a revolutionary method of instruction that demands collaboration, teamwork, and problem solving of our 21st century learners. Students tackle deeply engaging projects about real-world issues that require critical thought, sustained inquiry, and synthesis and culminate in regular Presentations of Learning (POLs) to their peers, facilitators, community members and parents. Our curriculum also features a strong social-emotional learning component that cultivates confidence, leadership, and self-reflection.

We designed our Lower School program around the expectation that 21st century learners will become entrepreneurs, leaders, and game changers. Our rigorous program challenges our learners in an open physical environment that’s very similar to modern workspaces, and our small campus creates a sense of community that allows creativity to thrive.

iLEAD Lower School learners gain invaluable skills in the following areas:

We also believe unscripted and open-ended play is essential for the development of physical skills, cognitive development and social-emotional growth. There is extensive research which demonstrates the vital importance of play for well-being and development. With many children going home after school to play on technology or attending extracurricular classes and organized sports, the process of play and its significant benefits are lost. Our goal is to provide an environment in which our learners can create and destroy, explore, problem-solve, take self-regulated risks, build community, feel accomplishment, support others, and grow to become independent and self-reliant. We strive for our learners to learn more about themselves and others on the widest scope possible.

The end result? When our learners graduate, they are not only ready for college, they are ready to thoughtfully participate in and contribute to our global economy. SCVi’s Lower School learners leave our school Free to Think and Inspired to Lead!