How SCVi Charter School in Santa Clarita Is Adapting to Help Students through Senior Year

Graduate mortarboards tossed into the sky

Cheryl Sena, an English facilitator and the senior coordinator at SCVi Charter School in Santa Clarita, has been working throughout the year to adapt programs at SCVi to better serve the senior class and prepare them for what comes after graduation.

Sena joined the “Eye on the Valley” radio show hosted by Matt Watson to talk about a few ways SCVi is adapting to help the senior class while they are learning remotely.

“We’re all in that same boat right now,” Sena said, referencing the challenges posed by the pandemic and remote instruction.

Sena said that SCVi usually has around 70 seniors graduating each year, and that this was true for this year as well.

Sena said that one of the important events SCVi Charter School in Santa Clarita holds for their learners is the “Senior Sunrise” event. This year SCVi was able to hold this event virtually. Seniors at SCVi Charter School watched the sunrise together over a video call and then were encouraged to have a virtual pancake breakfast with their peers afterwards.

Sena said that if it becomes safe to do so she hopes she can hold an in-person “Senior Sunrise” event before the year is over.

Another point of discussion was the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB programme) offered at SCVi Charter School in Santa Clarita. Sena discussed how the IB programme aims to better serve the needs of a wide range of learners.

“[The IB Programme] is for every learner,” Sena said.

The IB Programme, according to Sena, awards a special diploma to seniors who have completed the two year program. According to Sena, the program is made up of six classes and an additional philosophy corise on the theory of knowledge.

SCVi Charter School in Santa Clarita has adapted its internship program for seniors to the difficulties posed by the pandemic. Sena and SCVi have been working with businesses and students to see how they can work together remotely.

Like many other areas in life, seniors and business mentors are currently working together using remote tools such as video conferencing software instead of interns going into businesses. 

SCVi Charter School has recognized the importance of keeping the internship program going, while recognizing the importance of keeping SCVi learners safe and healthy.