Message from the Leadership Team

Greetings from Your Leadership Team,

As we near spring break, we are very busy. This past Saturday night, our foundation did an amazing job on our 10th Annual Benefit Dinner. It was so successful that they are still counting up all the donations we raised as we write. We will update with the total amount raised when they finish counting. We’re truly indebted to the foundation and all the families, learners and staff who worked diligently to make the event a success. 

This upcoming week, please join us for our annual family math night to celebrate Pi Day. Next week, we will have two of our favorite events join together to raise money for the American Cancer Society: The 7th Grade Renaissance Faire and our Relay Recess. 

We also have our learner led conferences at the tail end of the week. We look forward to our learners sharing their successes, their challenges and their learning process with our families.


Your Leadership Team