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SCVi enchanted bookshop musical

SCVi flyer The Enchanted Bookshop

Please take a moment to read this important notice from our partners at The Showcase, who have brought our wonderful summer arts learning program to SCVi.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Dear parents, family, friends, and sponsors,

This has been an especially difficult year for our young people given the recent pandemic. Missed school events, sports, proms, and other activities that make growing up an enriching experience have practically been on hold for the last year. So challenging, I hear many heartbreaking stories from the young people we work with every day. They and their families seem so grateful and appreciative to be involved in our Summer Arts Performing Arts Program. Along with our partner, America’s Job Centers of California (AJCC) we currently employ 74 youth workers ages 14-24 who are gaining work-readiness skills and experience as they assist in facilitating these important projects in performing arts (musical theater) and technology (filmed in virtual reality). Additionally, we are facilitating over 244 learners (2nd to 8th grade) in performing arts education.

Please help us create positive memories as these participants work their way back to “normal” while engaging in this life-changing summer arts experience. Help us raise funding to cover the show playbill, sets, props, lighting, sound, costumes and makeup (due to COVID safety protocol, learners are not permitted to share makeup, some props, or costume items).

Visit one of the following crowdfunding sites to donate and/or become a sponsor today.

All donations are tax-deductible through our “Showcase” nonprofit partner Wisdom to Go Alliance.

Visit our crowdfunding sites to make your donation:



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