Who We Are: SCVi Charter School & Social-Emotional Growth

SCVi Charter School

We understand that we’re different here at SCVi iLEAD!  Some terminology that we use has become second nature to those that have been part of the team for years, while some of you newly onboard may be shaking your heads wondering what we’re talking about.  We hope to inform you weekly a little bit about our culture and terminology to help guide you through your time here at SCVi.  

This week: Let’s Play!

Research demonstrates that play is essential for the development of physical skills, cognitive development, and social-emotional growth. The process and benefits of play are often lost in today’s modern world, where children become addicted to screens and technology or attend more structured extracurricular classes and organized sports. Our goal is to provide an environment in which our learners can create and dismantle, explore, problem-solve, take self-regulated risks, build community, feel accomplishment, support and help others, and grow to become independent and self-reliant. We strive for our learners to learn more about themselves and others in the widest scope possible.  

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Want to donate items for outdoor play? Here’s how you can help our learners grow through play! 

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