SCVi offers a variety of after school enrichment. We welcome family driven ideas, such as lego robotics, as well as Learner driven ideas to encourage a passionate after school enrichment experience.

If you or your learner has enrichment ideas or passionate ideas we are not currently offering please email

Lego Tinkers ( k-1 st grade)
Lego Tinkers meet once a week to tinker with Legos and work on and practice team building skills and Lego program core values. Class is about 6 weeks.

Jr. Lego (2nd-4th grade )
Jr. FLL meets weekly and focuses on a Lego theme created by the Jr. First Lego League organization. The learners work in small teams to design and build a Lego project using the program’s core values. The season runs from September to January.

Lego Robotics ( ages 10-14)
Lego Robotics is an after-school and elective course that allows learners to become exposed to engineering, programming, and problem solving skills. Learners utilize the EV3 and mindstorm platforms to build autonomous robots that solve specific problems. Programs are live after school in the fall and spring as challenges are released through FLL.

Drumline ( 5th-8th grade )
Drum line is a fun and exciting activity that helps to build teamwork, discipline, coordination and musicality. During the start of this program we will be teaching students the fundamentals of how to read music and play marching percussion. This will then extend to performing marching cadences and marching literature to be shared with the school and community.
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After school Theater Arts offers the following:
Young Storytellers ( 2-4th grade)
4-8 Players ( 4-8 grade )
The Frantics (8-12th grade Improv )
Upper school Theater ( 9-12th grade )

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