“A person cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

SCVi has partnered with Bright Spark Travel to plan most of it’s trips domestic and abroad. Student travel, while always optional, is an invaluable part of the learning experience, and we highly encourage our learners to take advantage of these incredible opportunities to venture out and explore our country and the world. These experiences go a long way to help students understand themselves and others, and we always encourage our learners to visit a college campus or two on each trip..

Students are encouraged to fundraise for trips, which can be as much fun and facilitate as much bonding as the trip itself! All trips are open to learners of all grade levels, as well as their parents.

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Representative trips include:

4th/5th Grade
Alternate years – Tour of California State Capitol: Overnight at Tejon Ranch
State History & Government CA: Sacramento & Sutters Fort

Science Trip to Catalina Camp Cimi

8th Grade
Washington, D.C.
Leadership Camp with Ropes Course at Camp Pali

9th Grade
Ropes Course
New York & Boston

10th Grade
Europe (London)
College Tour

11th Grade
Service trip to South or Central America or Asia
International Baccalaureate Trips to Boston, New York, Spain and London (Language & Theatre)

12th Grade
Celebratory trip such as a Cruise
IB Trips to Boston, New York, Spain and London (Language & Theatre)
Senior Retreat