Core Principles: Understanding Discipline at Santa Clarita Valley Charter School SCVi

We understand that we’re different here at SCVi! Some terminology that we use has become second nature to those that have been part of the team for years, while some of you newly onboard may be shaking your heads wondering what we’re talking about. We hope to inform you weekly about our culture and terminology to help guide you through your time here at SCVi.  

This week: Discipline Philosophy (Love & Logic)

At SCVi, we adhere to the following expectations for school behavior:

Our disciplinary philosophy is firmly rooted in our commitment to facilitating our learners’ social-emotional growth. We know that every learner is different, as are the challenges they face. We believe it is part of our job as educators to help our students learn self-direction and discipline. To that end, we include an assessment of social-emotional skills in our learners’ Individualized Learning Plans, Learner Led Conferences, and Reports of Progress.

To learn more about our discipline philosophy at Santa Clarita Valley charter school SCVi, click here.  

SCVi, a free public charter school, is part of the iLEAD Schools is a network charter schools throughout California, the Midwest, Colorado, and Hawaii. iLEAD empowers learners to become conscientious, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world, and inspires them to become creative thinkers and leaders with a lifelong love of learning.