We couldn’t be more proud of the incredible group of sixth- to twelfth-grade learners who comprise our SCVi Ambassadors program. This panel of multi-age students is our primary student-to-student outreach panel, and on school tour days, our student ambassadors are front and center! They give our visitors a valuable learners’ perspective about what makes SCVi unique, and they field questions on the fly like professionals.

Being an ambassador is a great opportunity for learners to gain skills in leadership, public speaking, and planning. Ambassadors are always ready for any challenge or task thrown their way. And we’re always looking for more participants: the more learners who want to be involved, the better!

Ambassador responsibilities include attending after-school meetings, planning school events, and representing the school in the community. Ambassadors also help in planning committees and assist at SCVi’s Goodwill drives and with fundraising, benefit dinners, arts festivals, and school dances.

To be an ambassador, fill out an application and return to to the front desk or upper school registrar. Requirements and expectations for participation include passing all classes and attending all meetings.