Our Improv program at SCVI is designed for ANY Learner no matter what their interests in life may be. Improvisation is well-known as comedy and entertainment, but during the past decade it has grown as a method of teaching and learning as well. Each class is filled with exercises and games that stress participation and success. The first rule of improvisation is “yes, and,” meaning that anyone’s contribution to the group discussion is accepted without judgment. We persuade the Learners to abandon their fear of mistakes, then work to build trust among the group and invite risk-taking. Not only does it hone communication and public speaking skills, it also stimulates fast thinking and engagement with ideas. Support, trust, risk, confidence and fun. That’s what improv is all about!

Beginning his career with the acclaimed National Lampoon, Ronnie Sperling (click here for bio) is a longtime highly respected teacher of improvisational theater in the Los Angeles area.