The Right Fit

SCVi’s approach to the college admissions process is driven by the following question:  

How can I make a choice that is the “right fit” for my passions and future? 
Our upper school learners spend time getting to better know who they are, where their passions lie, and how to find the college that best fits their goals.

SCVi graduates that choose attend small liberal arts colleges, tend to have a seamless transition from our “small liberal arts” style high school culture. SCVi Alumni attend and have been accepted to well respected colleges across the country such as Franklin and Marshall, Cal Arts, William and Mary, and Sarah Lawrence to larger University Schools such as UC Berkley, UC Davis, and UC Irvine.

Seniors are accepted to most or all of the colleges they apply to due to our personalized counseling and planning for the “right fit college.”
Choosing The Right Fit College | Liberal Arts Colleges Making a Big Impact

College and University A-G Ready

A-G Courses are required courses by the UC (University of California) and CSU (California State University) systems that represent the minimum requirement needed for admissions.  When completed, learners have achieved a basic level of academic high school education for colleges in most States,  to prepare them for university level work. SCVi’s graduation requirements include all the classes needed to be A-G ready to apply to a 4 year college.   

The result is that all graduates of SCVi are prepared to apply to a 4-year-college.  Many of our seniors are accepted to most or all of the colleges they apply to due to our personalized counseling.

The Role of (IB) International Baccalaureate

Our learners can self-select into our International Baccalaureate classes and choose to earn  a diploma that is recognized throughout the world. Testing or qualifying to enroll into the 2 year classes is not required; if a learner has the drive and desire to be successful, they are encouraged to take the classes.  Learners can take just one or two IB class, or enroll in all six subjects and may choose to earn an IB Diploma and/or test.   Started by diplomats in Great Britain, IB is recognized by most colleges as more rigourous and well rounded than AP Classes.   Similarly to AP, there are optional tests that learners can take for IB at the completion of the two year course(s) and it does give a weighted GPA. To learn more please go to their website. 

Concurrent Enrollment in a Community College

Some learners opt to take classes at the local community college in 11th or 12th grade. This can be a great option to take classes that might not be offered at SCVi, and for the learners to get accustomed to be on a college campus, earn college credit, and to receive a weighted GPA.  For more information, go the COC website page for College now! College of the Canyons High School Enrollment


SCVi uses Naviance to map their future plans beginning in 9th grade through college. Naviance is a tool for learners, counselors, teachers, and parents to communicate and track information that will help students with college and career planning and ultimately college application submission in tandem with the common app.

Questions? If you require additional assistance with Naviance; please contact a counselor.


The SMARTTRACK® College Funding High School Initiative provides our families with free resources to help you plan ahead and pay less for college.
Please click here to access registration and other information.

Academic and College Counselor

SCVi is committed to personally guiding our learners in this process.  SCVi’s Academic and College Counselor works diligently for every learner to help map out a plan to succeed in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development and career development. This includes working with students to develop four year plans to meet graduation requirements and to explore and prepare for the wide range of post-high school options.

We are Committed

SCVi learners will also meet with representatives from a variety of colleges and programs throughout the school year. Field trips to college campuses and visits to SCVi from representatives take place throughout the year, and all learners from 9th-12th grades are invited to participate.  At SCVi, we are committed to guiding your learner and family through this process.

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