The field study programs at SCVi give our learners the opportunity to become personally involved in their learning through practical field applications and hand-on experiences. Field studies are directly connected to the projects learners are working on and give them an opportunity to work and learn beyond the learning space. Field studies can result in greater achievement in all subjects. Real-life application of the lessons and Presentations of Learning help learners understand the relevance of what they are learning.

Field studies provide:

  • Practical experiences: real-world knowledge and application
  • Real examples of information discussed in the learning space
  • Interactions from which learners can discover their strengths, limitations, abilities, and skills
  • Integration of concepts and information from various disciplines
  • Increased knowledge and broadened understanding of the world and its workings
  • Integration of introductory and advanced principles
  • Extended laboratory experiences
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving in a real-world setting
  • Increased opportunities for personalized learning
  • Appreciation for the natural world, its resources, and history
  • Real subjects to study and to improve observational skills
  • Teamwork activities that result in enhanced learning outcomes for all
  • Opportunities for personal growth, maturing of a person’s perceptions and perspectives
  • Increased writing and communication skills – critical verbal and writing skills
  • Enjoyable learning experiences

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