The school has created a comprehensive safety plan covering policies and procedures for dealing with a variety of potential emergency situations which could arise. The plans have been developed and maintained in collaboration with multiple stakeholders including Law Enforcement and are updated annually.


All schools must be prepared to deal with a variety of potential emergency situations, which include some that require safe evacuation from campus and others that require securing learners and staff in place on campus.

The school carries out emergency fire evacuation drills during normal school hours on a monthly basis during the academic year to prepare staff and learners in the event that such a real life evacuation has to take place.

Other emergency drills, such as earthquake evacuation and site lock down, are also carried out at various times during the academic year again to ensure that both staff and learners are fully prepared for such a real life event.

Actual emergency

In the event of an actual emergency situation arising during normal school hours, staff and learners will follow the training procedures that they have been taught and practiced during the above drills and exercises. The school will communicate updates and instructions for parents/guardians to follow via text messages, voicemail messages and email. Parents/guardians should NOT travel to the school campus or designated re-unification site unless instructed to do so by school officials.

The school has 3 school buses available on site during normal school hours as well as access to school buses from the nearby Castaic School District, in the event that the nature of the emergency dictates that the local area around the school campus is not deemed safe for parents/guardians to travel to, or the designated reunification site is not in the immediate vicinity, the school has the ability to transport learners away from campus as may be directed by Law Enforcement/Emergency Services.

Parent/guardian responsibilities

It is of the utmost importance that parents/guardians keep the school updated about any changes in their personal contact information. It is also advisable to have at least 1 other emergency contact on your child’s Emergency Card on file with the school who is authorized to pick up your child(ren) in the event of an emergency.

During an actual emergency, parents/guardians/authorized emergency contacts will be required to sign out children and show photo ID prior to leaving the school campus/designated reunification site.