Emergency drills, such as earthquake and fire drills, are conducted during the school year. Drills are serious practice so that everyone will be prepared should an emergency occur. Procedures are reviewed with all staff who in turn teach them to learners. If an emergency occurs during regular school hours, learners will be directed by their facilitator to follow emergency procedures for the specific event. If an emergency occurs when the learners are not on-site, learners will be directed to the supervising aid, parent volunteer or other school staff member. These supervisors will call SCVi to provide an update and next steps.

Actual Emergency
If an emergency extends beyond the end of the school day, learners will not be released until it has been determined that it is safe to do so. In the case of an emergency, parents or an emergency contact are expected to sign learners out, regardless of grade. If damage is extensive, we ask that you park your car away from the valet areas and walk to the designated location to pick up your child. It is important to keep the fire lane open for emergency vehicles only.

When you arrive at the school, an emergency response team (made up of public servants, staff and volunteers) will direct you to the appropriate check out area to sign out your child. If the school building is not considered safe, learners will be congregated in the parking lot away from all buildings. A phone message will be sent to your primary phone number with directions on where to pick up your child. Please do not leave the school without signing out your child.