SCVi Exploration is a personalized home study program. Through collaboration with the parent, child, and fully credentialed educational facilitator, learners become leaders, problem-solvers, creators, innovators, collaborators and deep thinkers.


  • Collaboratively chosen curriculum that meets CA state standards for
    each class
  • Tuition­-free 
  • Grades TK-12
  • Instructional funds to support learning
  • Access to free subscriptions
  • Fostering creativity & leadership skills
  • Access to a great variety of vendors
  • Credentialed teaching staff to guide you throughout the year

Site-based opportunities:

  • Participate in site-based sports, field studies, dances, and other events.
  • Attend SCVi Exploration Learning Center classes (typically grades TK-5).
  • Attend up to two site-based elective classes (K-8).
  • Attend up to two site-based classes for high school learners.

Questions? Please email or call 661-705-4820.