Classroom-Based Learning

Classroom-Based Learning

SCVi offers project-based TK-12 curriculum and learner-led assessment with global and culturally diverse influences.

Our facilitators (teachers) facilitate individualized, project-based learning in the sciences, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Within our positive learning environment, our learners think for themselves and develop emotional intelligence, life skills, and community engagement. We designed our program around the expectation that learners will become entrepreneurs, leaders, and game changers. Our primary goal is for them to lead successful and fulfilled lives while contributing to the world around them.

SCVi is WASC accredited and IB certified.

Lower School

At SCVi’s Lower School, we focus on the whole child through creative, consistent application of project-based and social-emotional learning principles. Project-based learning requires learners to work well in teams and solve problems. SCVi’s engaging projects address real-world issues, requiring learners to practice critical thought, sustained inquiry, and deductive reasoning.

Projects culminate in regular Presentations of Learning (POLs) to peers, facilitators, community members, and families. Our curriculum also features a strong social-emotional learning component that cultivates confidence, leadership, and self-reflection.

Our campus and open classroom environments create a sense of community that allows creativity to thrive. Our goal is to provide an environment in which our learners can create, explore, problem-solve, feel accomplishment, support others, and become confident leaders.

We believe unscripted, open-ended play is essential for cognitive and social-emotional growth. Extensive research demonstrates the importance of play for well-being and development.

Upper School

We consider ourselves a small liberal arts high school with a look and feel similar to a small liberal arts college. We challenge the status quo and address difficult questions. Our Upper School community benefits from a dedicated full-time college counselor, and many of our graduates have expressed that their transition to college was seamless. Click here for graduation requirements.

Core academic courses for SCVi 9th-12th graders are A-G approved, the standard for entrance to the University of California and California State University systems. SCVi is also the only school in the Santa Clarita Valley to be designated an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. Our rigorous IB curriculum prepares learners to become active, thoughtful, and knowledgeable global citizens. In addition, some colleges accept IB classes for college credits. For more information on our IB program, click here.

Career Technical Education is a program that integrates high school classes, community connections, work-based learning, and post-secondary planning and training. The goal of CTE is to support learners on their path to high-wage, high skill, in-demand careers in established and emerging industries. CTE is not your mom and pop woodshop course. CTE programs connect learners with the skills, mindset, and knowledge base needed for college and high-demand careers. CTE is personalized. Learners choose their industry sector and pathway that best aligns with their interests and passions, ensuring the experience is meaningful and relevant to each learner’s goals. For more information about CTE, click here.

We are part of the Omega League for the California Interscholastic Federation, the governing body for high school athletics in Southern California.

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