Top 10 Reasons to Choose SCVi


Santa Clarita Valley International School (SCVi) serves TK-12th grade students from the greater Santa Clarita community at our tuition-free public charter school. All learners receive personalized attention, caring facilitators, and a strong academic environment. Here are ten great reasons why children thrive at our community-centered school: 

1. Building a Foundation for a Bright Future

From transitional kindergarten (TK) through 12th grade, SCVi learners engage in high-quality academics and character development aimed at growing the whole child. Our curriculum is authentic and relevant, supports the needs of all learners, and meets or exceeds California Learning Standards. We have dual language immersion (English/Spanish) immersion tracks for learners in grades K-5, STEAM classes, Career Technical Education pathways, and an International Baccalaureate (IB) program in our upper school (see Reason #7)…

2. Small School Personalization

At SCVi, everyone knows your learner’s name and cares about their success. Every learner has an individualized learning plan and support from teachers – known as facilitators – and a care team of counselors, paraprofessionals, and administrators. We get to know each learner as an individual and nurture strengths and areas of improvement. We practice multiage learning so learners can work on skills and concepts according to their abilities. Learners stay with a facilitator for two years at a time and have an advisor for their entire education here.

3. Project-Based Learning

We are passionate about project-based learning (PBL) at SCVi. PBL means learners are active participants in their learning process and are able to connect ideas and concepts together in  hands-on and engaging ways. PBL gives learners real-world skills based on collaboration and autonomy. Learners are encouraged to move at their own pace through inquiry-based learning strategies.

4. Arts are Essential – not “Extra”

At our tuition-free public TK-12 school, we believe arts are an essential part of developing the whole child. Arts are the thread connecting all subjects and are explored not only as a core subject but also as an integral part of our project-based learning. We offer dance, music, and theatre along with visual arts such as painting, photography, and graphic design We share our art with the community at our annual Spring Open House and in local galleries in our region.

5. Physical Fitness & Competitive Athletics

Our physical education program at the TK-5 level helps prepare learners for a lifetime of fitness and movement with weekly classes. Starting in middle school, learners can play co-ed flag football and soccer. Our athletes in 9th-12th grades are encouraged to participate in such sports as volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, and swimming. Our competitive teams participate in the Omega League of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and enjoy all the benefits of district competition with ample playing time thanks to our small size.

Looking at a laptop, two students sit on either side of a teacher at a round table in a classroom with a purple bulletin board, a bookshelf, and a filing cabinet behind them.

6. Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is at the heart of everything we do at SCVi. Sure, academics are important but we believe it’s vital to help students develop skills like social awareness, self-management, regulation of emotions, and self-awareness early so they can use these ideas as they grow. SEL works in tandem with our PBL learning approach which requires learners to research, collaborate, use a problem-solving approach and create solutions. 

7. College & Career Pathways 

Shark Tank projects in 8th grade? Why not! Work on a project you create or delve into Coding and Game design if that’s more your passion. Intrigued by flight? Join our Soaring Aeronautics Project and fly a glider! Starting in middle school SCVi offers an introduction to incredible Career Technical Education pathways that learners can choose to pursue in our upper school. Not only that, upper school learners are able to select individual IB (International Baccalaureate) courses, or enroll in a full IB schedule of classes. And take college classes in high school. And meet California’s A-G requirements for college as a given. And work with SCVi’s Academic and College Counselor all along the way. So many options, options, options.

8. Our Values

At our small TK-12 school, we provide a safe space for our learners to grow, take appropriate risks, and gain confidence in themselves. We use the Leader in Me character curriculum which teaches the key concepts found in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Additionally, we host Advisory (Morning Meeting for grades TK-5) where learners and facilitators have an intentional time to focus on making connections, learning conflict resolution and exploring problem-solving ideas.

9. Globally Connected

Why do we have “international” at the end of our name? Because we feel it is crucial to offer culturally diverse programs that expose our learners to the greater world around them, such as dual language immersion, the IB program, science and the arts. Our learners work together to send a science project to space. Does it get any more globally connected than that?

10. Community is Everything

We know our community is our greatest asset. We gratefully lean on our community to go the extra mile for our learners: from an active iSupport and Scarlet Foundation to community events like our annual Spring Open House, we are proud that our families contribute to the well-being of our school. We offer seminars as we navigate the wonders of raising thoughtful and curious leaders. Our community is family. 

Interested in how we can help build a strong foundation for your child? Find out more about SCVi and enroll today!

About SCVi:
Santa Clarita Valley International School (SCVi) is a free public charter school empowering TK-12 graders to become conscientious, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world. We use project-based and social-emotional learning concepts to inspire and motivate lifelong learners with the skills they need to lead in the 21st century. We incorporate technology into every component of our curriculum, and we value and encourage development of leadership skills by inspiring confidence and character in each of our unique learners. Join our innovative school today!