•   Because you’re looking for something different.
  •   Because you value a small school community that offers personalized learning.
  •   Because you want your children to be creative problem-solvers who pursue their passions.
  •   Because you want them to be Intellectual Entrepreneurs and successful, happy global citizens.

We are a public, free TK-12 charter school that focuses on the social, emotional, and cognitive development of the whole child, with a special focus on project-based learning, or PBL. Our revolutionary model embeds social-emotional learning (SEL) concepts into everything we teach, helping our students learn the valuable collaboration, teamwork, and problem solving skills our global economy will demand from them. Our PBL and SEL approach is widely recognized for cultivating confidence, leadership, and self-reflection in our students.

We’re a different kind of school, and we’re proud of the rigorous, challenging, and authentic educational program we’ve intentionally created here. Walking through our classrooms, you will see open spaces, unconventional seating and lots of color. More importantly, you’ll find our learners actively engaged and freely moving about in a student-centered environment brimming with creative expression — not unlike the campuses of tech incubators and innovators like Google, Facebook, Zappos, and Pixar.

At SCVi, we are committed to empowering our learners to become conscientious, compassionate and responsible citizens of the world. To that end, students tackle deeply engaging projects about real-world issues that require critical thought, sustained inquiry, and synthesis which culminate in regular Presentations of Learning (POLs) to their peers, facilitators,community members and parents. We are deeply entrenched in the Maker Movement, a philosophy borne of the tech industry that focuses on building, doing, and creating over mere consumption. We stress that taking action — essentially, being a maker — enhances our kids’ learning experiences by drawing upon their problem-solving skills and imagination and transforming them from passive users to active creators. Instead of reading answers, the maker movement encourages learners to shift from passive users to active creators.

In addition to our site-based programs, learners in grades 6-12 may choose to enroll in iLEAD Innovation Studios, a unique student-driven program that incorporates hands-on, cross-curricular learning experiences and allows students to draw meaningful connections between fields of study and real-world applications. Our first through twelfth-grade learners have the option of a full-day campus-based experience, an independent study program, or in grades 6-12 a hybrid program combining both, with all individualized learning plans offering learners an engaging, highly-tailored project-based learning experience focused on demonstrated mastery of specific competencies.

Our strong connections to corporate, civic, arts, and STEAM organizations throughout the Greater Los Angeles area allow our learners access to an outstanding array of internship opportunities, and we are part of the Omega League for the California Interscholastic Federation, the governing body for high school athletics in Southern California. We also focus strongly on international experiences and global connectivity through projects and real-world experiences, including international travel opportunities and an exchange program with foreign students through our Cultural Bridges initiative.

We are proudly accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC) in California, an honor that reflects our commitment to building and maintaining staff capacity to developing and refining educational effectiveness.

The end result? When our learners graduate, they are not only ready for college, they are ready to thoughtfully participate in and contribute to our global economy. iLEAD Learners: Free to Think, Inspired to Lead.