At iLEAD, the PBL emphasis is on the process rather than the product. As part of the PBL process, learners create and share Presentations of Learning (POL). POL is an opportunity for learners to showcase and reflect of their own achievement and growth through the completion of the project. POLs are also an opportunity for learners to exhibit their own creativity, design thinking, present the outcome of their efforts and celebrate their academic successes.

In addition, POL makes learning during the PBL process visible and exemplifies evidence of authenticity. During the PBL process, learners engage in continuous feedback with team mates, facilitators, mentors, coaches, and others involved in the project. Presenting an entire process at the end that entails final product, idea, initiatives, and any other relevant artifacts and processes, created during the process, is a great way to celebrate success as well as receive feedback. POL is an opportunity for growth.