iLEAD embraces a paradigm of education that believes in the success of ALL learners. This includes a belief that every learner has strengths and also areas of challenge. Our flexible learning environment allows facilitators to modify and personalize the learning experience.

Do you feel your child is having academic or behavioral challenges?

If your child is having academic or behavioral challenges, please contact your chid’s facilitator to discuss your concerns. Many times the facilitator can make small adjustments and modifications that will get your child on the path to success. If you continue to have concerns after meeting with your child’s facilitator, you or the facilitator may request a Student Study Team meeting. At this meeting, a team, including you, will brainstorm additional strategies to help your child grow academically or behaviorally. Sometimes, however, additional support may be needed. If you feel this is the case, please contact iLEAD’s Student Support Coordinators at

If your child is new to iLEAD and has a current IEP or 504 plan, please immediately email us. An IEP meeting will be held to review current goals and to ensure services are in place to support your learner.

iLEAD’s classrooms are inclusive. All learners work and learn in the same classroom even if they have a disability. Everyone’s strengths are celebrated, and challenges are addressed. Accommodations are made as needed to ensure success. Learning experiences are collaborative, and through innovative experiences, learners discover and embrace the idea that differences contribute to our common humanity. This inclusive environment creates opportunities for all learners to develop empathy and become thoughtful and caring community members in all areas of life.