SCVi and iLEAD Learners DreamUp to Space

KHTS DreamUp iLEAD Student Aerospace Projects May 18, 2021 Kath Fredette

At Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School (SCVi) and iLEAD Schools, we are dedicated to helping children achieve goals that make a difference.

One way our children are making a difference is their participation in the program DreamUp to Space. Our iLEAD students do this project to challenge their minds and create big ideas.

The DreamUp to Space project teaches students what impact microgravity has on matter and about the International Space Station.

Hundreds of iLEAD students submit ideas that could potentially be made into experiments that go to the International Space Station. Only one or two ideas will be chosen each year to be made into an experiment. Once these are chosen, students are split up into different teams to create a plan for the experiment.

One of the iLEAD experiments launching in June of this year examines how carrots germinate in space. The students’ experiments are performed by astronauts on the International Space Station to determine if certain foods can be made in space. People living in space for a period of time cannot have things shipped to them, such as food. If carrots can germinate in space, astronauts could potentially grow carrots and eat them in space.

iLEAD Schools’ Director of STEAM Initiatives Kathleen Fredette oversees these experiments. Fredette said the experiments have to be discreet about what items can actually make a difference. The items must be both nutritionally and medicinally helpful and have a chance of living in space.

“It is fascinating learning how things perform differently in space without the presence of gravity that we have on Earth,” Fredette said.

For more information about the Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School and the DreamUp to Space Mission, visit the iLEAD Student Aerospace Projects website.

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