Homeschooling Tips During School Closures With SCVi Charter School In Santa Clarita

Charter School in Santa Clarita

While school closures are in effect because of the coronavirus, COVID-19, families can get homeschooling tips from SCVi Charter School in Santa Clarita. 

During a special series of “Eye on the Valley” on KHTS FM-98.1 and AM-1220, Host Matt Watson is offering homeschooling tips and advice on staying productive weekdays from 9-10 a.m.

The series began with Watson recommending parents create a system of “normalcy” at home for their families, beginning with creating a work space for kids. 

“Design a space that works for your kid,” Watson said. “Make sure that it’s flexible so that they’ve got somewhere to sit, somewhere to lay down, so that they can continue doing whatever it is that they’re going to be doing, whether it’s something provided by your school and your district or if you’ve got them on some educational websites.” 

Then Watson advised coming up with a schedule that works for each individual child. 

To start with, Wason recommended designating a practical wake time, followed by a time for a balanced breakfast, a morning walk, academic time, creative family time and lunch.  

During creative time, a number of offline activities can be enjoyed by the whole family, such as playing music, doing a craft project, drawing, playing with legos or baking. 

As far as mealtimes, Watson pointed out that SCVi/iLEAD schools and some other schools in the community are offering breakfast and lunches to children 18 and under, even if the child isn’t a student at that school. 

“Make sure that you have the food that you need,” Watson said, adding that these meals are available daily from 9-11 a.m. at SCVi Charter School in Santa Clarita, located at 28060 Hasley Canyon Road in Castaic.

Following lunch, Watson advised kids keep up with responsibilities like chores around the house, and then move on to a quiet reflection time when kids can do things like journal.

“Journals are going to be so powerful,” Watson said. “Twenty years from now, it’s going to be amazing for them to share with their kids and their grandkids.” 

Then it can be time for fresh air, when families can get outside for a walk, bike ride or playtime in the backyard. 

“Before you know it, it will be time for a bath and kids to get some free time, some TV time, some time with the rest of the family,” Watson said. 

The first segment of homeschooling tips wrapped up with Watson encouraging parents to be aware of their outlook as these unprecedented times continue. 

“Be flexible with your kids,” he said, “and know that they need your patience just as much as you need theirs.”

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