SCVi & iLEAD Counselors Take the Stress Away When Applying for College

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At SCVi and iLEAD Schools, we strive to empower and celebrate every learner who comes through our doors.

We are a tuition-free public charter school in Santa Clarita. Our facilitators and advisors love what they do here. We challenge our learners with deeper thinking and social-emotional learning.

One of our advisors, Kris Nilsen, has been an integral part of the team for many years now. Applying to college is super stressful, and she wants to make sure our learners feel confident and ready when sending in applications.

According to Nilsen, college is not just about your grade point average or how well you do on a test. It’s also about finding yourself and discovering your true passion.

Nilsen loves to ask her learners, “Who do you want to be in college?” She excels at giving her learners direction when it comes to choosing schools, which eases our learners’ minds during what could otherwise be a challenging process.

We want our kids to do really well in all aspects of their academic careers. Self-discovery makes them feel powerful, which affects their everyday lives. 

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