IB Mock Exams

The Upper School Mock Exams begin next week for Seniors. If your learner attends an IB lesson, they will do a trial exam. The grade from these mock exams will make up part of their overall semester grade, even if they are not planning to test for the actual IB exam in the future. On Tuesday the 13th, the subject exams are History at 9 a.m. and Chemistry at 12 p.m. Full timetables have been emailed to learners and parents.

These exams will be an opportunity for learners to experience a close simulation of the real exams they will take in May of 2019 or 2020. It is very important that the process is taken seriously. Learners need to arrive to the Village on time, well-rested, and having reviewed carefully. Phones will be collected from them for the duration of the exam. Food and snacks are not allowed. Water is permitted as long as it is in an unmarked bottle; labels must be removed. Juniors will have their exams from Nov. 26th-28th. If you need a timetable or if you have any questions, please contact abbie.neall@scvi-k12.org.