ECHO Login

SCVi uses New Tech Network’s Echo for our Learners and Parents as a Learning management system.

Echo is a New Tech Network’s learning management system (LMS) designed to support project-based learning (PBL), and to facilitate communication and collaboration.

Facilitators, learners, and parents are able to use Echo on a daily basis to access course resources, project plans, assignments, and a multi-dimensional gradebook.
Echo is delivered as a web-based service that is accessible 24/7 via any web browser with an Internet connection.

To Login
Parents and Learners must have a login and password in order to view the Learners’ progress portal.

Please login to Echo:

  2. Or request a login and password from your learners advisor. Or the registrar at:

Basic Navigation

After login in, you will notice the following …

  • On the left side of the window is a list containing announcements and the student’s “To-do” list with upcoming assignments.
  • In the main Echo workspace, you can see tiles (or buttons) for each course your student is enrolled in. You can open these courses by clicking the course tiles.
  • On the far left of the window is a grey menu bar with several icons.

Viewing Student Grades

To view your grades, open the “Performance” tool in the left menu bar. It looks like a gauge on your car’s dashboard. Inside the Performance tool, at the top you will see a series of graphs that represent how you are doing against the 4 C’s (collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity) and practice and preparation across all of your courses. Below that is a list of the individual courses your student is enrolled in and his or her grades.

By clicking on the course name in the list (or when you open a course before clicking the “Performance” tool), you can dive deeper into your child’s performance within that course. From within a course, the “Performance” tool allow you browse various aspects of performance including grades on assignments and mastery of the course objectives.

Please contact you Learner’s Advisory for any other questions.