10th Grade Personal Projects

The 10th GRADE PERSONAL PROJECT (PP) is a mandatory culminating project for all 10th graders to move into grades 11-12 at SCVi. The PP is also part of the SCVi’s graduation requirements. This project is to be done independently by the learner and includes setting a goal, research, journaling, achieving the goal, and reporting the project. It is a brilliant template for how to achieve in life as well.


  • Passion-driven year-long project (learners begin exploring passions at the end of this school year and over the summer)
  • Project process report: Sample Here
  • Process journal: Sample here
  • Presentation: Samples Bellow ; KHTS Station: Learners talk about PP and leadership
  • Rubric: Project and report + presentation

May 31 and June 1: Personal Project Boot Camp (9-11 a.m. TBA)