2nd Annual Senior 2 Senior Tea POL

9:30 a.m. Thursday, May 24

Driving Question:  How can I take what people learned in the 20th Century, and apply it to my 21st Century Life?

Eleven residents of Oakmont Villages gathered at Shakespeare Theater last Thursday, with their Class of 2018 graduates on May 24 for high tea.

For the past month, the Class of 2018 has been meeting with residents from Oakmont Villages, a retirement home in Valencia, to gather advice to help them as they commence their adult lives. On the first visit, the learners participated in speed dating to get to better know the senior residents. They travelled table to table and interviewed the residents about their lives. On the second visits, learners were matched with seniors who had similar interests, and then they conducted a more in-depth interview with the goal of creating a literary or artistic piece that honored the resident. Last week, the learners returned with rough drafts and a bio in hand for the residents to give feedback. Was the information accurate? Did it honor the resident? Are there suggested changes? 

For the POL, each group presented their resident with a copy of the introduction/biography and a written, visual or performance piece to honor the time each resident spent with them. 

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