Bus Transportation to SCVi at Free or Reduced Rates!

SCVi bus learners

We are thrilled to announce that SCVi will be partnering with the Scarlet Foundation to subsidize transportation for learners from the San Fernando Valley and Fillmore. This means we can offer free/reduced rates for families who qualify. 

We hope this will help our current families who are struggling with transportation costs and we can welcome back those who didn’t join us this year due to transportation costs.

We currently have three busses operating from the San Fernando Valley (Reseda and two locations in Sherman Oaks). In addition, we will be adding a bus to the Piru/Fillmore area.

If you are currently a paying rider and think you qualify for a free or reduced bus rate, please complete this form and click “My child qualifies for free/reduced lunch and I would like to request free/reduced transportation.”

If you want to join us now, please complete the Intent to Enroll form and fill out the transportation request application to qualify for free/reduced rates.

If you’re unsure and want to learn more, please call 661-705-4820 or email SCVi.Bus@scvi-k12.org.

Thank you,

The SCVi Transportation Team