Check-In System

We currently have a check-in system at the Little iLEADers and Lower Campus. Anyone who plans on visiting one of our campuses must sign in at either the Little iLEADers or Lower Campus check-in system locations. To check in, you must provide a driver’s license or have a completed livescan on file. Our systems are linked, and anyone who receives a yellow badge from either location may enter all of our campuses. No one will be permitted on our campuses without check in and getting a yellow badge. We will no longer have a Parent/Visitor sign-in at any desk.  

If your learner is having their POL, then you will need to check in before attending the POL.  Please arrive early enough to complete the check-in process.

This policy and procedure is to make our campuses secure for everyone: learners, volunteers, facilitators, and staff.