Cincinnati Pitcher and Former SCVi Learner Hunter Green Hosts Local Cleat Giveaway

Cleats Giveaway

Coming home means something different for everybody. But if you’re Cincinnati Reds Pitcher Hunter Green, as well as a former learner at iLEAD SCVi, coming home means helping out. Greene hosted a cleat giveaway on Saturday, October 23rd at Richard Roux Park. Children from the Santa Clarita Family, ages 8 – 17, were invited to meet Green and pick up a new pair of cleats. The event was open to SCV residents only, and it was held in partnership with Full Circle Consulting Systems Inc. – an organization specializing in three areas including education, youth outreach and working with law enforcement. Greene said Richard Roux Park is a special place because the baseball field is where he practiced from the age of seven to the end of his high school career. There, he and his mother, Senta who is co-executive director for Full Circle, as well as a professional learning collaborator with iLEAD Schools, brought in a UHaul truck filled with about 1,000 boxes of cleats. “As we know, baseball is a very, very expensive sport,” Greene said. “So, to be able to provide cleats or bats or gloves or whatever it is, and be able to support the team, or kids or families, I want to make sure that I’m able to do that and just spread that love and that support.” (See Jose Herrera’s Complete Story from the Signal)