Come to the 2019 Renaissance Faire

The Renaissance Faire project on Friday, Jan. 11, is a culmination of a semester’s worth of work that the seventh graders have been putting into History and English Language Arts. This project has focused not just on the Renaissance, Dark Ages, and Scientific Revolution, but pushed each of the students to look into themselves to discover their connections to the past and future by looking at history through the eyes of their passions.

Each learner started this process at the beginning of the year by finding a future profession that interested them and dove into the real life steps it would take to acquire those individual jobs. In ELA, they learned the skills that went into writing professional resumes and cover letters, as well learning the steps toward performing a perfect interview. After they were set with the future, we looked toward the past to find inspiration for the future. The Renaissance is filled with individuals who did innovative and amazing things for their careers and the world around them. Learning from these people, our learners have found inspiration in the paths that these historical figures took to help them push towards the future.

The Renaissance Faire that the learners have set up brings all of this together into an entrepreneurial event themed around the Renaissance time period. Each learner has created items to sell that relate not only to their historical figure, but also to the career that they want in the future. Come and take part in our mash-up between the past and future, our seventh grade Cultural Renaissance Faire!