Core Principles: Our iLEAD Values

We understand that we’re different here at SCVi! Some terminology that we use has become second nature to those that have been part of the team for years, while some of you newly onboard may be shaking your heads wondering what we’re talking about. We hope to inform you weekly about our culture and terminology to help guide you through your time here at SCVi.  

This week: Our iLEAD Values – A Reminder and What Should Be a Daily Mantra!  

We are a people of purpose, establishing a new paradigm for education. We are a caring culture that values community, which contributes to a better society. Our focus on developing empathy allows for respect and invites an engaging, positive, rich environment.  We believe people are natural-born learners. We provide opportunities for discovery and wonder to nurture a lifelong love of learning. Success is demonstrated through leadership, self-direction, problem-solving skills, creativity, collaboration, innovation, and service.  

We embrace stepping out of our comfort zone.  


We value joy, fun, choice, and voice, and we celebrate that our differences contribute to our common humanity.  

We are iLEAD!  

Share your iLEAD story with us by using the hashtag #myiLEADstory or by emailing us at monday.message@scvi-k12.org.