Developing Leaders: SCVi’s Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

SCVi College Signing Day 5.21.2024

At SCVi, iLEAD’s founding school, we believe that education should extend beyond traditional academic knowledge. Our purposeful approach revolves around the iLEAD Schoolwide Learner Outcomes, a collective vision that encapsulates our aspirations for each individual’s education.

The iLEAD Schoolwide Learner Outcomes serve as our compass, guiding us in shaping each child’s educational journey.

In the course of a child’s career with SCVi, they will engage with a relevant and rigorous curriculum that will prepare them for success personally and professionally.

The following are the expected Schoolwide Learner Outcomes that our learners develop:

iLEAD by being a/an…

  • Lifelong Learner: I am a self-directed learner, focused on personal growth and development.
  • Empathetic Citizen: I seek to understand and appreciate what others are thinking, feeling, or experiencing.
  • Authentic Individual: I am true to myself, my personality, values, beliefs, and principles.
  • Design Thinker: I am a creative, imaginative individual who explores original ideas, takes risks, and develops innovative solutions that I share with others.

Our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes guide us in shaping each child’s journey. We are proud of every one of our students as they grow into Lifelong Learners, Empathetic Citizens, Authentic Individuals, and Design Thinkers at SCVi.