How Scarlet Foundation Supports SCVi

Below is a message from Scarlet Foundation:

How does Scarlet Foundation partner with SCVi leadership, facilitators, and iSUPPORT to benefit our school community?

  1. Pinpoint areas that need resources: We help make up the shortfall between SCVi’s budget and expenses so our learners have the best possible experience!
  2. Raise funds to support those areas: We help sponsor events, such as the Fun Run last spring that raised $16,000! We also promote restaurant nights and accept donations.
  3. Disburse funds to areas that need it: We have sponsored musical instruments, theatre and sports equipment, laptops, and shade for outdoor play areas!
  4. Identify ways to improve campus environment: Want to help? Click HERE to keep an eye on upcoming events. Click HERE to donate!

Please contact our Board President and Co-President with any questions: Jeannette.Laughlin@ScarletParents.org and Lindsey.Kahn@ScarletParents.org.

Scarlet Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID 47-2531750. Visit us at www.scarletparents.org.