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Hello families,

I have been sharing Innovation Studios folders with you and your learners during weekly check-ins. As an independent study program we need to collect work samples for each learning period. Please check in with your child to see what they have collected so far. We have just finished our second learning period.

In advisory (Mondays from 1 to 1:50), we are still exploring the book “Ignite Your Spark.” Right now we are reading Chapter 7, which is about defining dreams. We are watching the documentary (in pieces) “The Dream Share Project.” I have attached the link to the trailer here. I have asked the learners to bring a photo of themselves next Monday. The photo needs to be from preschool years-middle school and preferably showing them doing something they love, showing imagination, playing, etc. We will be using them as a conversation starter about personal stories and dreams. I am not keeping the photos. Those who missed advisory yesterday need to check in with me.

Tenth graders need to have chosen their topic for their personal project and began logging their journals.  Please let me know if you need help.

Some driving questions for our independent study classes:

  • How does surrealism represent the Latino struggles around the world?
  • How does the mind inhibit or enhance sports performance?
  • How does Nancy Rourke use art to help the deaf community speak?
  • How can I design, test, and build a dirt bike trailer with a budget?

Alex Urbina offers an amazing two-day teen leadership training. This only happens twice a year!  See info below.

Our Last Teen Training for 2017

Alex Urbina is hosting his last Transformational Teen Training of the year on Nov. 11-12 in Santa Clarita.

Do you want to give your teenager a once-in-a-lifetime gift of empowerment?

Do you want to spark the passion to take on life’s challenges with confidence and purpose?

Do you want your teen to learn how to choose to take responsibility for their own life and their own results?

If you have answered yes to any of those questions, you might want your teen to attend The Teen Life Leadership Training to discover their inner champion.

Here are a few important dates:

Nov. 6: Bring childhood photo for Dream Project

Nov. 6: Mr. Collin Haynes will be available in our studio for grade check-in and science support from 10:30 to 11:30

Nov. 8:  10th grade personal project workshop 9 to 9:30

Nov. 10: No school/Veterans Day

Nov. 11-12: Alex Urbina Leadership Training

Nov. 20-24: Thanksgiving break


With gratitude,


Malaka Donovan
Innovation Studios