Innovation Studios Corner

We spent some time getting to know one another and team build the first week of school. We attempted to create the tallest possible tower with just spaghetti, a roll of tape and a marshmallow at the tip top.  We practiced the design process while creating a more effective wallet or backpack.


  • MAP Testing Tuesday, Sept. 5
  • Back to School Night, Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 5 p.m.
  • For Advisory we are reading “Ignite Your Spark” by Patricia Wooster
  • Community Lunches EVERY THURSDAY. Bring something to share!
  • Please make sure that you have an ECHO login and have registered for your online classes.


  • sewing machine
  • canvas
  • paints
  • anything cool

REMINDER TO INNOVATIONS UPPER SCHOOL LEARNERS: Sept. 7: Meet college and career guru Anne Cochran from iLEAD NoHo and College and Career Counselor Kris Nilsen to learn valuable tips for applying to college. You don’t want to miss this informative session that will give your senior a leg up in the application process.

Looking forward to seeing you at Tuesday’s Back to School Night.  The program will get under way promptly at 5 p.m. in Innovation Studios where you will meet your Innovation Team. At 5:15, after a presentation, if your learner takes on-site Upper School classes, you may attend those classes in which your learner is enrolled. (Your learner will provide you with a schedule they complete in class on Tuesday. The rotations are listed here.) 

Also, please check out the Monday Message for other events and information; all Innovations learners are encouraged and invited to SCVi on-campus events.