International Learning Through Cultural Bridges

Globalize the world. More than 200 flags of all the world united around of the globe. Concept of peace and union among the people of the world.

Cultural Bridges is the international learning division of iLEAD Schools. Through exchanges and humanitarian outreach, we bring the world to iLEAD and iLEAD to the world. Cultural Bridges is offering two opportunities to connect this upcoming semester.

Cultural Bridges Puerto Rico Service Trip
March 24-31, 2018

Back in mid-September, the island of Puerto Rico was still picking itself up from the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma, when the evacuation order came under the threat of a new storm. But this time, the much more powerful category 5 storm would not simply skirt the island like Irma had. This time, Hurricane Maria would hit the island head-on at full force. This time, the effects would not last weeks. This was a storm the likes of which the island has never seen.

Today, most of Puerto Rico is still trying to find a clean drink of water and a way to communicate with loved ones. It is estimated that less than half of those still in Puerto Rico (many have fled) have electricity. Potable drinking water is scarce and towns need rebuilding. The relief efforts MUST continue. And you can help!

Join Cultural Bridges this Spring Break (March 24-31) for a humanitarian service trip to Puerto Rico to provide some of the much-needed help repairing infrastructure. We plan to help with water and general living condition improvement for families in need. Informational and planning meetings will be held as listed on the Cultural Bridges website.

This trip is open for grades 8-12. 

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