Meet a DreamUp to Space Team Member: Noah Breitstein, Team Adzuki

SCVi learner Noah Breitstein DreamUp Team Adzuki

By Grace Stumpf & Raegan Brown

DreamUp to Space is a project that challenges young people to understand and explore the impact that microgravity has on matter. Through a partnership with DreamUp, iLEAD learners in grades 5-12 are inspired to develop the skills and knowledge to design, develop, and propose an experiment that could be run on the International Space Station.

In July of 2020, two teams from iLEAD Schools were selected for flight in the 2020 DreamUp to Space Virtual Mission & Experiment Design Challenge. Currently, learners from across the network were selected and are now collaborating on these two “Launch Teams” — Team Carrot and Team Adzuki — in preparation for a spring launch of their experiments to the International Space Station. 

Each learner has unique interests, strengths, and goals to bring to each team. We’d like to introduce you to our team members! Today we’re introducing Noah Breitstein.

Meet Noah Breitstein

DreamUp to Space Noah Breitstein learner Team AdzukiNoah Breitstein is a 7th grader at SCVi. He enjoys reading and is a huge Potterhead. His favorite is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Some of his other hobbies include driving his remote-control car, creating stained-glass projects with his grandfather, playing video games like Minecraft and Roblox, watching movies, and cooking. Noah loves learning about space and is really excited to be a part of a project of such importance. He enjoys learning about how microgravity affects humans and plants and plans to continue learning about space after this project is over. He is also super interested in the MixStix (mixture enclosure tubes for our experiments) and how we will design them. We were given the opportunity to ask Noah a few questions.

Favorite animal, and why?

“Huskies are my favorite animals. I love their beautiful thick coats and curly tails. They have a cute-looking face, and I love the fact that a pack of them are strong enough to pull a sled in a race in the Arctic. I hope to have one someday.”

What’s the most interesting thing about yourself?

“I love to travel with my parents. I have been to many countries, such as Costa Rica, England, France, Australia, Mexico, Scotland, Israel, Wales, as well as several USA states.”

What do you want to do when you get older? Do you have a dream job?

“I would like to be an architect when I grow up. I have always enjoyed walking through neighborhoods with my dad and admiring big, beautiful houses. When I play Minecraft, I like to design realistic houses, and hopefully someday I will get to see my designs built in real life.”

What superpower would you want, and why?

“My superpower would be to be a wizard like in Harry Potter. Technically, the superpower would be to be able to use magic. I would love to be able to enchant things, such as a sponge to do the dishes or a car to fly (like Mr. Weasley in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).”

We look forward to introducing more team members to you soon!