Message from the Director of Intellectual Curiousity

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of you who came or Zoomed in for our Coffee with Kaufman! I will continue to have the Zoom option available for these meetings.

I love all the enthusiasm about volunteering and bringing all your talents to the school. Please take a moment to complete the Parent Talent and Volunteer survey by clicking here.

September is attendance awareness month, and as many of you have already noticed we are focusing on increased attendance this year. Last year, the SCVi attendance rate for our seat-based program was below 90 percent. WE MUST INCREASE IT TO a minimum of 95 percent. We are up for renewal next year, and the attendance rate will be a factor.

Did you know that for every day your child misses classes, they are losing valuable learning opportunities in both academics as well as social emotional learning?

Also, were you aware that for every 1 percent we lose in attendance, we lose approximately $100,000 in funding? Imagine the possibilities if we were fully funded.

Lastly, did you know that if you KNOW your child is going to miss between 3-21 days, with advance notice, we can place your child on independent study for that time so your child can keep up with classes AND we don’t mark them absent?

I know that the two biggest factors in increasing attendance are making learning fun and engaging, and keeping parents informed about what is going on.

I hope that your children are loving school and connecting with all their facilitators, and I also hope that the increased communication is keeping you all in the loop.

Please drop by and see me anytime you have a question or when you want to share the joy of learning that your child is bringing home to you.

Mrs. Kaufman