Message from the Leadership Team


Greetings from Your Leadership Team,

We know that the mornings may be rushed and stressful, but it’s important for all of us to follow our school valet and dropoff guidelines. We ask if you’re dropping off your learner, and not getting out of the car, to either use the valet line off of Industry Drive or to park your car in the parking lot and walk your learner in.  Pulling to the side and dropping of your learner in the middle of the road is dangerous.

We also ask our families to not park in the handicapped parking spots to drop off your learners.  We have families who depend on these parking spots.

In case you need a brush-up on our guidelines, here they are again. They’re also located at the bottom of every Monday Message, should you need to review them in the future.

Valet and Drop Off/Pick Up Guidelines

In order to ensure the safety of ALL SCVi learners, we provide the following guidelines for valet, drop-off and pickup. Please do not drop off or stop in the middle of the parking lot. We have a VALET line for safety and convenience. TK-1st grade learners can be dropped off using valet until 8:10 a.m.. After 8:10 a.m., ALL TK-1st grade learners must be walked into the Little iLEADERS building.

We ask that all grades 2-12th grade learners being dropped off (not parking) use our valet. Valet is accessed by taking the Industry Drive entrance. (Jack in the Box is on the corner.)  Entry is the second left.  We have volunteers to assist your learner out of the car to the entrance gate. This is the safest way to drop off your learners. If you’re not going to use VALET, you must PARK and WALK your learners, using the provided crossing areas, to the main entrance.

After 8:20 a.m., ALL TK-1st grade learners must be walked into the Little iLEADers building. Please do not use the emergency vehicle loading zones in the front of the lower school building to drop off.

Dismissal Procedures TK-8th Grades (for non-valet learners)

  • TK-1st: Front entrance doors (Little iLEADERS)
  • 2nd & 3rd: Classroom doors (parking lot side)
  • 4th & 5th: Classroom doors (parking lot side)
  • 6th-8th: Gate between Cafe and Lower School Building

*An authorized adult must be present at dismissal to pick up TK-5 grade learners. 

Thanks again for helping us ensure the safety of every learner on campus.

We appreciate hearing from our families.  You can reach your SCVi Leadership Team, by emailing us at leadership@scvi-k12.org

Your Leadership Team